We connect Farmers of Color with consumers to provide fresh produce for all.

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This is an amazing innovation in modern agriculture.

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Find Fresh

Search our database of diverse Farmers from around the United States with access to produce, meats and more at competitive prices.

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Connect with
Black Farmers

Leverage our platform to communicate and connect with Farmers of Color in a simple to use interface made for consumers on the go.

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Digital Tools

Use our digital tools to find local Farmers of Color, fresh produce, greens and more with ease and access to thousands of talented, Farmers.

Asked Questions

Why use Manomi?
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How much is Manomi?
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How long does it take to setup Manomi?
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What farmers use Manomi?
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There are 35,000 Black Farmers
active in the US today.

Let's connect them with consumers in seach of organic, quality produce and meat.

A Note from our Founder

I created MANOMI because there is need to create a marketplace for Farmers of Color to connect with more customers.

For years the US Food System has not been equitable to the Farmers of Color, and while MANOMI is not the solution, it serves to point this nation in the right direction.

We do not have food desert neighborhoods, we have food apartheid neighborhoods. It is my hope that you as a Farmers of Color will subscribe to MANOMI.

I further hope that you as a consumer, who enjoy healthy food, will find your favorite farmers and order your products and enjoy the labor of love that each farmer places in his or her farm. 

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